Arlene White Procurement & Finance Manager

Helping manage the finances is rewarding because it gives me a unique perspective on our relationships and is so important to the success of the business.

Arlene attended night school to study accounting, married, raised a family and worked part time in the AV industry. Around 1985 her job became full time just as her family responsibilities became part time. Perfect timing. A few years later she met Kevin Lavoie.

Kevin established VisionPoint in 2003 and hired Arlene to be the Purchasing Manager. Again, perfect timing, as she was ready for the change. She enjoys the daily routine of working with numbers. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Project Cost Accounting and ordering the equipment that is required to complete a project successfully are her current responsibilities, with the help of a great administrative staff.

Being a senior employee, Arlene tends to mother her co-workers if they need it or not. She enjoys working with our clients who often share the same sense of humor that thrives at VisionPoint. That’s what makes every-day-a-good-day at work.

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