Artur Kapuscinski Featured Team Member

"Don't get me wrong - playing with new AV technology, new computers and networking gear is very cool"

Art plays an integral role at VisionPoint managing the internal network infrastructure and managing the quality control processes in house and at the client site.  Once Art gives his seal of approval on the installation, he takes his exceptional knowledge, patience and communication skills to the next level and trains the customer.  Art’s favorite part of the job is interacting with clients and training them on how to use and get comfortable with their new technology.  Art says it is one of the other high points of his job, in his own words, “Don’t get me wrong – playing with new AV technology, new computers and networking gear is also very cool!”

Art consistently works towards improving VisionPoint’s quality control procedures and processes.  He leverages his service, IT and configuration expertise to ensure exceptional client experiences.  In addition to Art’s technical expertise he is a valued member of the team and portrays patience, old school loyalty, and hard work.  He is willing to dig in and do whatever it takes to ensure a positive outcome to any task he takes on.

Art’s commitment to team work is displayed in his personal life as well, as a US Soccer certified referee and a coach for kids playing in the “art of the most beautiful game in the world ‘Football’ aka soccer in the U.S.”  He enjoys seeing kids having fun with the soccer ball on the field and working as a team for a common goal.  Finding down time for some recreational boating is sometimes a challenge for Art, another past-time he enjoys with his family.

With his outstanding technical abilities and personal qualities, Art is a respected and essential member of the VisionPoint team appreciated by both his peers and clients alike.  VisionPoint is extremely honored to have Art as part of the VisionPoint team!

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