AV and ‘The Future of Work”

Whether you are asking a small tech company or a giant like Microsoft, they will both agree on one thing. The future of work has changed, and it is hybrid. No longer are employees expected to return to their office 5 days a week, working on the same computer. Those days are behind us.

The pandemic has re-shaped the way we think about work. Especially with all the conferencing technology available, we can create more flexible environments fit for organizations both large and small.

Hybrid work refers to the ability for individuals to work together whether that be in person, or virtually across various locations rather than a centralized one. Organizations can reap the benefit of a larger talent pool, smaller offices, and lower overhead costs. The key to an optimal hybrid work environment? It’s technology.

AV integrators like VisionPoint are given a fantastic opportunity to not only design hybrid work environments, but to help set the standard of the ‘future of work’. Designs that still allow for meaningful interactions between co-workers, management and business partners will make or break the success of these hybrid working environments.

The Future of Work Craves More Technology

I think the pandemic showed the importance of technology investments and digital infrastructure investments” – Peter Miscovich Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation at JLL Consulting.

It’s clear that the new standard for work involves technology that supports the ‘harmonization’ between the worker and the organization. What this means is collaborative solutions will remain a priority. Will we see an increase in BYOD solutions? We think so.

The second aspect of the hybrid workplace is flexibility. Giving employees the needed flexibility, organizations can expect to increase worker happiness, having the ability to access networks, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Now employees can live where they want, select their living standards without compromising due to the location of their organization, and co-workers.

Will the Design of the Workplace Change?

Because the traditional office needed room for everyone, the hybrid workplace will be smaller and more space efficient. Architects will most likely play a large role in designing spaces for the hybrid worker, needing to work closely with AV integrators to coordinate and design the best experience possible.

The new workplace may include more open collaboration areas, and open floor plans with less walls and corners so co-workers can plug in anywhere they choose. Flexibility and functionality will take priority.

These spaces may look similar to co-working spaces from companies like WeWork who have supported remote workers and entrepreneurs who want an office away from home.

The workplace will not disappear, it will just be re-designed and re-prioritized to support hybrid work.

What about the Future of Meetings and AV?

The increasing complexity of meetings has left organizations with too many options when it comes to providing conferencing solutions to support their operations. On top of that, COVID has shifted the way that organizations think about conferencing and meetings.

A statistic from Forbes suggests 62% of companies use three or more video conferencing platforms. But not all UC platforms are made equal. The user-friendliness of platforms will be one of the most important variables for organizations when selecting a conferencing platform to use, especially when rooms are built to support a single platform (i.e Zoom Rooms). The future of meetings will include smart systems enhanced with AI and PTZ cameras, creating an intuitive environment that lets users forget they are even meeting virtually so they can carry on with their business without having to waste time configuring settings on their AV systems.

VisionPoint has already started to help clients with creating hybrid environments built to support the future of work. If your organization needs help with their next AV project, feel free to reach out to VisionPoint at any time.

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