Benefits of Cloud vs. On-Prem

As communications technology moves away from hardware to cloud-based solutions, expectations of cloud technology continue to grow. Organizations are expecting platforms to be intuitive, flexible, and scalable to fit their needs. For AV integrators, its not always easy to convince some why hardware is a thing of the past; apart from the ongoing expense of legacy videoconferencing equipment, there are some other considerations to be made when thinking about switching to cloud-based solutions.

Remote Management & Troubleshooting

VisionPoint’s success comes from putting customers first, which is exactly why we encourage technology that can be managed and monitored remotely. Numerous times we’ve been able to troubleshoot and issue for a customer without coming onsite. Because of this flexibility that cloud technology grants us, we are able to update software for our clients remotely; we can even change settings remotely such as changing the EQ of a microphone in their conference room without ever going onsite.

Preventative Maintenance

Cloud technology also allows us to monitor and spot problems before, and while they are occurring. We can even set up email/text notifications so our clients and our service department will be notified if an issue arises. Benefits like this have allowed us to prevent our clients from dealing with technical issues when their AV is most needed.

Lower Maintenance Cost

When compared with legacy videoconferencing equipment, cloud-based technology is less costly. Not only does this outdated technology limit interoperability, but it’s no longer supported. Cloud-based solutions are not cheap either, but in the long term it will less costly. Since many of these services are SaaS, you don’t need to worry about large maintenance costs, or depreciation down the road.

Scalability is another advantage that cloud solutions has over legacy systems. It is much easier, and less expensive in the long run to scale cloud-based solutions.

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