Solutions for Blended Classrooms, and every learning platform

Enhance the school year with flexible technology that enables every student, and educator to have an immersive, educational experience. VisionPoint has over a decade of experience solving complex problems with intelligent solutions that are designed for the end user. Our solutions for blended classrooms can provide an engaging learning experience whether students are in the classroom, or learning remotely.

Solutions for Education

CSDE guidelines are requiring schools to provide remote learning which can lead to many complications. We believe that solutions should be a right fit for the end user. VisionPoint can help configure learning platforms for both the students, and the teachers. We can also help set up licensing for students, teachers, and the Board of Education.

Focused On the End Users

Create a safe, ideal learning environment with a powerful combination of robust classroom technology, and remote accessibility.

Remote Learning on any Platform

Easy configuration with any platform including Zoom. VisionPoint can help set up licensing for teachers, students, and the Board of Education.

Customized for convenience

Our solutions are built around your school’s needs. This includes evidence based design configured for the end users.

Intelligent Classroom Technology

Technology has a way of removing obstacles, and simplifying a complicated process. In this case having high quality audio and video removes obstacles in communications, increasing interactivity, and engagement between the student and teachers. Because humans process visual information much faster than audible or written language we've selected a few products that elevate the learning experience, and mimics the classroom environment at home.

Distance Learning Cart

VisionPoint’s distance learning cart is designed for a hybrid classroom environment, fully mobile, and fits up to a 70″ display. Remote students may join a live in-person class via Zoom, Teams, or Google learning environments. After the initial setup the only connection required for the cart is power.

Simplified Content Sharing

Sharing content from a laptop is now much easier for teachers by using the BARCO puck, powered by USB-C connection. Simply plug the puck into a MacBook, Chromebook or PC will connect to the cart for simplified content sharing.

Multi-Platform Supported Video Bars

Poly video bars can be setup to work with most platforms including Zoom, Google and Teams. The Studio X30 and X50 may be accessed remotely to allow support staff to centrally manage classroom technology. A ceiling microphone system is available for the Studio X50 system, which increases coverage, resulting in greater interactivity. Service notifications are sent via email or text to administrators, so you can spend more time educating, and less time fixing technical issues.

Use the Calculator to Estimate Performance

Calculate the Performance of Your Classroom Technology

Room Information

The acoustical performance of a room is determined by the room’s dimensions and it’s surfaces. Setting the dimensions will permit analysis of the audio technology in different size rooms.

Audio Rating

Speech Transmission Index (STI) is used for the objective evaluation of the quality of speech transmission. The cart should be positioned at a distance where the Teacher’s rating is considered EXCELLENT, GOOD and FAIR ratings for students will allow remote students to hear and interact with the class.

Close Up & Wide Views

The cameras will automatically track and zoom by using speech and video recognition technology. By positioning the cart correctly you can give remote students the best view of the teacher, the calculator provides distance limitations for optimal audio and video.

Ready to power your classroom with intelligent, intuitive technology?

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