Digital Signage Solutions for the Modern Office

The ability to amplify first impressions to customers, clients and business partners isn’t always easy. The rapid advancements in technology and increasing use of aesthetic lobby displays is starting to set the bar even higher.

Are people harder to impress nowadays?

We think so.

Post-Covid Digital Signage

During covid we have seen businesses, retail stores and universities adopt digital signage more than ever. Whether the purpose of these installations was to inform, and direct customers, or as a reason to add interactive kiosks and displays, we have seen more and more over the course of the past year.

One example is a restaurant in Finland who became the first in its industry to reopen during the pandemic, partially due to added digital signage. Using a combination of digital signage and a camera solution, they were able to monitor capacity, and social distancing up to the Finnish Government standards at the time. You can read more about how digital signage has helped with safely phasing back employees here.

Welcome Back

As our society starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel, businesses are starting to welcome back their customers with open arms. Nothing says welcome back than some brand new, friendly digital signage.

A few ideas could be interactive touch screens, maybe a way to make reservations for outside busy restaurants, selecting where you want to sit, or placing an order. For professional services there are tons of great content that can be shared on these high-quality displays such as real-time analytics, company news and accolades, and various apps that can add some sophistication to a boring lobby that needs to be embellished to keep up with the competition. This gives you the perfect way to show off new innovations and promotions without annoying people with advertising.

The use of QR codes can also easily be integrated in these displays. From a marketing perspective, adding QR codes allows a user to engage with the content easily, which may encourage them to do so. A good example is a clothing store trying to get rid of old inventory. Offering a coupon for 20% on select items that can be captured by simply scanning the code and bringing it up during checkout is a wonderful way to welcome back your customers, while encouraging sales in a non-invasive way. Restaurants can also take advantage of this technology so visitors can view the menu as they wait or explore cocktails and menu items.

Educate and Inform

It is no surprise that real-time data, and messages are common use of digital signage.

Many applications for retail, and businesses that are starting to let visitors come on-site is enforcing social distancing or displaying specific guidelines that you would like them to follow.

For retail, many stores/restaurants may want to limit the amount of people in a specific area, or simply to make sure people are distancing while waiting in line to checkout.

For organizations with lobbies and waiting areas, you may want to entertain visitors as they wait. Maybe an interactive infographic built to impress a client, or an informative piece of content that educates visitors on your services in greater detail.

One client of ours is a global inspection and insurance company who took an informative approach to digital signage. We were given the opportunity to create a large, long display that wraps around the corner of a hallway on their engineering floor. The purpose of the display was to show clients the amount of money they saved for their customers in real-time due to some of the monitoring technology that they develop. This approach not only gives a great first impression, but it does a lot of the work for them as they try and develop fruitful relationships with future customers and business partners.

Is Size Important?

The simple answer is yes.

Based on the size of the room, the content being displayed, and the furthest viewer it is important to calculate the correct size that is appropriate for the space. This means you aren’t going to place a 70” display in a large conference room and expect them to read the text on a presentation. Leave it up to trusted AV professionals like VisionPoint to spec the displays and install them properly.

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