Enterprise Monitoring Solutions (And Why You Need Them)

The IT decision-makers at your organization have come to the realization that your videoconferencing technology is a little outdated and needs to be adapted to the ‘post-covid’ world. IT support is being inundated with support ticket requests, it became difficult to manage issues with remote workers. They’ve just finished installing new technologies in conference rooms and executive offices; they have even re-organized some of the spaces to be open floor….All ready to get back to work right?

Several months later and there has been no significant decrease in the amount of support tickets for IT.

Why is this happening?

Sometimes all that is needed is a reliable enterprise monitoring system to handle support requests more effectively.

Seeing the “Big Picture”

Because the organization’s of today have realized the need for custom AV solutions, these systems can be complex. In simple terms, if one component is faulty, the whole system is rendered useless. These videoconferencing ecosystems are delicate. Whether it’s a premium product from Crestron or Polycom, or a smaller brand, they all require an efficient monitoring system to keep things running smoothly.

Enterprise Monitoring Solutions do just this.

They give us real-time diagnostics for modern hybrid collaboration environments including conference room technology, and video conferencing applications such as Teams, Zoom and WebEx. But what about cross-vendor products?

Solutions like VisibilityOne can monitor product types such as IoT, USB and AV from different manufacturers. It’s a powerful tool. Allowing for monitoring both hardware and services, from a simple all-in-one dashboard.

XIO Cloud by Crestron offers another solution that lets you manage all of your Crestron devices (along with third party devices) in a simple platform. That means there’s no hopping between different management platforms, and using a simple dashboard to see all of your rooms.

And When There is An Emergency?

Ever been in a meeting and the host is struggling to get things working last minute? It’s a frustrating scenario when you have a busy day and you have to wait for someone from IT to come over and troubleshoot. Enterprise monitoring systems can make troubleshooting and remote management much easier. That means saving you time and making sure you don’t have to re-schedule an important meeting.

Consider Remote Support

Sometimes having an in-house IT support team is not always the right decision. This may be because it’s less costly to outsource, or it just makes more sense to outsource support for conference rooms and remote workers. Luckily enterprise monitoring systems matches perfectly with outsourced support.

What is Enterprise Perfect for?:

Providing a real-time ‘snapshot’ of device health status: Does your organization have a Zoom Room, or several conference rooms with connected devices? Check the health status of any USB connected device on the fly. This means any cameras, speakers and microphones.

IoT Monitoring: Whether you have Poly, Cisco or Zoom Rooms, you can check the status of your rooms at any point in time.

Receiving Real-Time Alerts When Devices Fail: Create custom alerts when devices fail, notifying you so you can get ahead of a situation.

Monitoring UC Applications: Trouble with remote teams? Quickly support users with issues from calls to devices. VisibilityOne allows for quick “healing” right from the dashboard without having to remote into a users computer.

Simple Monitoring without Required Installation:  Many enterprise monitoring solutions don’t require installation of additional equipment. Typically, it requires the purchase of licenses, and just downloading an App.

Native Integrations with Popular Solutions: At VisionPoint, we take the time to discover the best monitoring solutions so we can recommend only the right-fit for the organization. Much of this is dependent on the types of solutions that required monitoring. Different solutions have different integrations, but many are with popular manufacturers such as Zoom, Logitech, Poly, Cisco, Microsoft Teams and more. You can always contact VisionPoint to recommend a monitoring solution based on your organizations technology ecosystem.

So, What is The Big Picture?

In our rapidly-changing world of business and technology, monitoring may be essential depending on the size and needs of your organization. The most important element is selecting the right monitoring system for your organization depending on costs, needs, culture and other variables. This is where VisionPoint comes it, and we can guide you in the right direction.

We take our customer needs very seriously, and we only suggest the right solution dependent on those criteria. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in how monitoring could help your organization. We’re all ears!

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