How is technology affecting your organization?

When it comes to productivity; technology is often overlooked. A ZenBusiness survey found that 50% of employees believe that outdated technology has a profound effect on their productivity. From the same survey, 57% said that outdated technology negatively effects their job satisfaction.


Not only are there negative implications on productivity and employee satisfaction; but outdated technology can be costly as they reach end of life. VisionPoint is offering a commitment-free assessment from our Technology Experts, and Engineering team to help you make better decisions when it comes to your technology.

Multi-Point Assessment

Because Technology integration must consider more than just features, and cost; our assessment analyzes several touch-points including company culture, industry-related business processes, and more. Our team has over two decades of experience; helping organizations implement technology to support various aspects of their business.

How frequently do employees put in a support request for IT when it comes to conferencing technology? 

Analyzing company culture and how the end user interacts with technology will give us important details on the strengths, and weaknesses of your current systems. Because conferencing technology is vital to productivity and supporting business operations for remote teams, we must thoroughly assess the culture around technology.

Would you consider your organization's existing technology "outdated"?

Understanding the existing technology and IT infrastructure can help our technology experts evaluate areas for improvement. Our goal is to assess how outdated technology may be creating inefficiencies. Using this transparent and honest approach; VisionPoint will only suggest right-fit solutions that add value, rather than costly solutions that are ineffective.

When was the last time your existing technology was maintained?

To give us a good idea of how often your technology is serviced helps us determine the urgency of taking action. In many cases, VisionPoint often comes to the rescue when a vital piece of technology breaks down, and is most needed. By taking a proactive approach, we can help recommend the most appropriate service and maintenance solutions including remote monitoring, and service to extend the life of your technology investment.

A Holistic Approach

Our assessment is free of commitment, cost, and headache. It includes an educational conference call with our engineering team, and an action-oriented plan. Assessments can be costly for organizations, but VisionPoint is here to add value. Here are some categories that we cover in our assessment:

Unified Communications
  • How are you supporting remote work, or hybrid working models at your organization?
  • VisionPoint will assess the effectiveness of unified communications systems, and explore room for improvement
  • Which videoconferencing platforms are you using and why?
  • Are your rooms set up to connect to any platform?
Company Culture
  • Often overlooked, yet one of the most important drivers of productivity
  • An expert will thoroughly assess the culture around technology, and use of technology
  • How are technology investment decisions made?
  • Is your organization efficient at implementing technology for collaboration and employee use?
Industry-Related Processes
  • An expert from VisionPoint’s consulting team will assess the structure of your business operations, and how technology is deployed to support each department, or business unit
  • Which business-processes are most reliant on technology?
  • How does your industry utilize certain technology solutions?
  • How are you using technology to stay competitive in your industry?
  • Would you consider your industry’s priority of constantly updating technology high, or low?
Existing Technology Infrastructure
  • A member from VisionPoint’s Engineering team will assess the current technology infrastructure at your organization
  • Are there better solutions on the market that can improve the productivity of your business processes?
  • How does your current technology stack up against competitors?
  • Do employees consider the technology ‘outdated’?
Service and Maintenance
  • VisionPoint will assess the urgency of taking action to improve your current system
  • When was the last time your AV technology was serviced?
  • Are you currently enrolled in a service, or maintenance contract?
  • Does your current AV provider service your equipment on a scheduled basis?
AV Planning for Future Projects
  • We will finally evaluate your future projects, and help create a solid plan for implementing technology in the future
  • Our Technology Experts, and Engineering team will get on a call with you preemptively build a plan to prevent key technology failures, and increase productivity

Time to Assess your Technology?

Whether you are looking to transform your space, or in the process of implementing technology in the workplace, VisionPoint Engineering may be able to help. Please fill out the contact information below to receive more information.

It’s never a bad time to assess your technology. Challenge your organization’s technology solutions with VisionPoint. Fill out the contact form by clicking “Review my Technology” and VisionPoint will contact you.


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