Extending Our Design View Into Delivering The Exceptional Client Experience

A customer wants a presentation environment with audioconferencing and videoconferencing. Seems simple enough, right? Well not exactly. It starts with open and honest conversations to understand and uncover the customer’s true wants and needs related to their immediate and future business requirements regarding communication technology. Where does one begin? Is it in the new technology and applications driving the marketplace or in people and culture of the institution? Could it be in the configuration of the intended design of the environment or in the functions of internal and external requirements? All important factors to be considered when designing a functional space. We will briefly cover some other important aspects as we navigate the true meaning of designing the Exceptional Client Experience.

Why do we often overlook seating and table configurations when we are planning the environment? We may have reviewed traditional meeting layouts or other attributes like culture or aesthetics, but the experience extends not only to the technology utilization but also to how effective the seating and configuration lends itself to proper viewing angles of the information being shared. The furnishings and environmental considerations all have a direct and measureable effect in creating an experience that is memorable. Things like table connectivity, table shape and color selections impact videoconferencing and communications. Visual indicators play an important role in communication. For example, LED rings on microphones indicating if they are open or muted are important cues for the participants.

Was the technology easy to use and intuitive? Were all the tools that were needed to accomplish the task at hand available? Did the participants clearly hear and see each other? Was the room comfortable, functional and amenable to all parties? That being said, it is important to begin the collaboration process early with the architect, interior designer, MEP engineer and technology designer to work collectively to create an environment that will be comfortable, provide the necessary communication tools, control noise and eliminate reverberation.   Too often, the technology designer is introduced too late in the process to influence decisions that will ultimately impact the performance of the room and the client experience.

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