Getting the most out of CARES Act Funding

The CARES Act has assisted thousands of students across the U.S since May. Thankfully as a response to the pandemic, the federal government stepped in to provide the appropriate funding to give institutions the chance to adjust their curriculum.

The CARES Act dictates that no less than 50% of the funds awarded to educational institutes must be allocated towards emergency financial aid for students. Students can benefit from having food, housing, healthcare, and various other needs covered through this emergency funding.

We are still seeing the struggles that educators, students, and administration are dealing with daily as they navigate hybrid learning. 4 in 10 educators are struggling with remote learning. One survey suggests that they are in dire need of guidance, and a better strategy to handle remote learning.

Justifying the Cost of Technology

Technology has been at the forefront of feasible solutions to create an interactive remote experience. There is no doubt that the right-fit solution designed specifically around the needs of an educational institute can solve many of these issues.

One example is the Poly Studio series, fixed with smart tracking cameras, a microphone and a sound bar, this is a perfect solution for an interactive classroom, giving both educators and students a better experience inside, and outside of the classroom.

Smart Solutions

With almost two decades of serving medium to large organizations, VisionPoint LLC. has dedicated ourselves to designing and integrating right-fit solutions that solve business problems with the use of collaborative technology. We are actively reviewing products and technology to expand our knowledge and providing the perfect fit.

Distant Learning Carts

A clever pairing of a mobile cart specifically designed to fit up to a 70” display, and a video bar (such as the Poly Studio) creates a more interactive learning experience for students in a hybrid learning environment. The display gives the teacher the ability to see students to view the teacher as if they were in the classroom. After the initial setup, the cart only requires power. The mobility of the cart makes it easy to move between classrooms for maximum use.

Traditionally designed for the corporate environment, these mobile carts have been re-imagined for the educational space.

The Right Platform

When it comes to collaboration platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Google Classroom there are so many choices. They can be overwhelming, and highly dependent on the needs of the organization, there is no one-size-fits-all. The right choice depends on the culture, the use, the security, and various features. VisionPoint has experience with aligning the right platform for organizations across several industries, we can help educational institutions choose the platform that works for administration, educators, and students.

The Right Flexibility

 A well designed system needs built in flexibility. After the pandemic, the last thing we want is obsolete equipment lying around, that’s why our systems are designed for flexibility and longevity.

Added Value

The value of AV systems are equivalent to the value of it’s end users. We offer AVaaS so you can spread the cost over years as monthly payments. This gives you the ability to adapt solutions based on your needs, so you reap the benefits of scaling and managing cost.

The Right Service and Support

VisionPoint’s Service Department has provided outstanding service to our customers through flexibility and responsiveness. Our staff is holds some of the most prestigious certifications in the industry, and we have taken a proactive approach when it comes to servicing our customers.

Our modernized approach takes minutes, and sometimes even hours from service calls. Remote monitoring and remote access allows us to troubleshoot some issues remotely and save minutes, and sometimes even hours. In situations where a VisionPoint technician needs to be sent onsite, we can monitor systems and get a better understanding of the issue at hand, still being able to resolve problems at a much faster rate.

The Right Training

The biggest challenge of implementing a new system is properly training the end users. Without it, solutions are virtually useless. Our team is experienced with system integration; every system we have implemented comes along with thorough training and instruction manuals. In situations where additional instruction is needed, VisionPoint Service and Support is just a call away.

Contact us today to learn more about how to get the most out of CARES Act funding. We’ll get you in touch with one of our experienced technology consultants to discuss the needs of your organization.

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