How AV Can Re-Shape Education in 2021

Like any well-designed AV solution, flexibility will play a key role in 2021 for education. Both higher-ed and school-grade educators, and students were almost left behind to fend for themselves.

We don’t think 2021 will look too different unless major changes are made, potentially needing to arm educators with the right tools, and potentially classrooms with intelligent AV solutions. Creating an ideal space for teachers and students is going to be a major ongoing challenge, but chances are AV will be the subtle change that makes a positive impact on learning environments in 2021.

Apart from solving COVID related issues, AV can play a huge role in creating a more engaging, and interactive experience for students. Giving them the opportunity to collaborate and present similar to how teams work together and solve business problems.

Changing the Classroom Environment for the Better.

Selecting A/V solutions that complement the learning environment is no easy feat. Today’s learning environments are best paired with flexibility and scalability. AV/IP is a great choice because you aren’t converting signal formats across devices which greatly reduces cost and complexity.  Using AV/IP allows educators to send audio and video signals to any classroom or learning space.

Since most students own personal devices i.e smartphones, tablets or laptops BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be a powerful tool. BYOD is something that should be available to student populations. Allowing students to consume educational content on their own devices whenever necessary reduces the need to interact with high-touch surface areas and devices (i.e Library computer, Touch Panels etc.) BYOD also gives students the ability to move around campus between sessions and enjoy eduational content from any space.

Maximizing Student Engagement Through Hybrid Learning Models

Engaging platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx all have virtual learning capabilities that are great for remote learning. Better yet, they can be integrated with other virtual learning environments like Blackboard and Moodle. Tools like Zoom or Teams can help universities promote seamless collaboration during a time where students and staff must pivot to remote education on the fly.

Flexible Technology is Key

Since 2021 has yet to have a clear path around the pandemic, and education is still uncertain of how it will operate, flexibility will play an important role into how well students and staff are handling remote learning, and in-class learning. When fitted with the right tools, and support, educators will have an easier time navigating remote learning. They could even produce their lectures in classrooms, with unique configurations such as the VisionPoint Mobile Cart.

The VisionPoint Distance Learning Cart provides a hybrid classroom environment. Apart from being mobile, it can fit up to a 70” display, and multi-platform supported video bars such as the Poly Studio X50. Smart-tracking cameras

When educational institutes are confident enough to tackle in-class learning or take the hybrid learning route, AV integrations can assist. The right Intelligent solutions can help manage social distancing measures, keeping count of people in a physical space, as well as creating engaging experiences for students at home, or in class. AV has an important role to play in 2021, creating a safer space to learn with technology fitted to benefit educational institutes for years to come. Technology maybe be the key to success for education in 2021.

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