How Professional AV Shapes Control Rooms

Various organizations require control rooms to monitor and manage their operations from a centralized location. This could mean a Control and Dispatch Center used by a Police Department, or a Control Room for a Utility company.

Although the organizations are vastly different, the needs for multiple-displays, video walls, and monitoring tools are all the same.

These dedicated control spaces are typically filled with technicians, and operators. Monitoring important metrics 24/7, and supporting teams out on the field. It’s vital that their monitoring systems are working to the best of their ability around the clock.

Video Walls and Digital Signage

LED Displays, video walls and digital signage are all typical technologies that you would expect when you enter a control room. AV integrators have the important job of understanding the needs of the organization looking to build a control room, along with customizing video walls to make sure that all their monitoring needs are met.

One challenge that AV integrators deal with is viewing angles. Depending on the shape and size of the room; along with where operators are sitting, has a big effect on the size of the displays and how they should be placed.

Without making all the appropriate calculations, the function of the room may suffer, making the space inefficient for the technicians and operators.

Tailored for Each and Every Organization

Providing sophisticated audio and video control centers isn’t easy. But with attention to detail, and providing right-fit technology for the space, organizations can end up happier than ever.

The important part of designing control rooms comes down to purpose. A TV Station will have different reasons for monitoring than a Police Station, or a Casino. VisionPoint makes sure that each aspect of a design is tailored to the exact requirements of the organization, always making suggestions to ensure the room will provide peak performance and utility for years to come.

If your organization is looking to built a control room for operations VisionPoint can help. Contact us at any time with any questions that you may have.

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