How VisionPoint helped a PR Firm produce an engaging virtual experience.

As system’s integrators, our job has always been bringing a client’s vision to life. Whether it’s a new board room, or digital signage, we are tasked with numerous obstacles that need to be solved using intelligent technology.

Recently, we decided to expand our services due to the increasing demand of virtual events and professional webinars.

When a PR Firm from New York approached VisionPoint about a panel discussion to promote the opening of a new location, we knew that every aspect of their promoted virtual event needed to be perfect.

Their Vision

The concept was a roundtable discussion including 12 expert panelists (including a former professional football player), livestreaming to YouTube and Facebook, interactive functionalities and an edited recording for their social media handles.

Due to the complexities of a livestreamed event such as this, a seamless virtual experience needed to be carefully planned and tested well before the day of the event.

We needed to plan out the flow of the webinar. This is where anything such as polling and Q&A need to be thought out, and configured. Technical aspects such as communications between our technicians, the host, and panelists need to be established so we can easily communicate during the event. Muting and switching controls need to be configured so we can produce the webinar on the fly. Planning is a crucial step that can make, or break the success of an engaging virtual event.

Our decades of experience helped us to easily identify the potential issues to occur, but we still needed a dry run with all panelists and the host to ensure their equipment were ideal. At this point we tested everything from network connection, to video and audio quality. Lack of quality can quickly disengage audience members, and it will be hard to re-gain their attention. A few minor issues with some of the panelists required alternative solutions to make sure everyone could be seen and heard to ensure high quality.

Based on the goals and expectations of each event, the key features will differ. For this event specifically, we had certain features configured due to the scope of the event.

The Results

Because of thorough planning, careful coordination and testing, we were able to produce a seamless virtual experience. Throughout the webinar were able to communicate with the panelists and the host, controlling key features in real-time to remove any pressure from the host. Ultimately, we brought their vision to life, resulting in a seamless virtual experience.

If your organization is producing virtual events, you need to ensure they are engaging and competitive. Our new services will help your organization stand out and produce high quality, and professional content. Please reach out to us at anytime to discuss your next virtual event.

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