Improving Client Relationships Through Videoconferencing

A survey by Forbes discovered that over 60% of business executives say that video conferencing improves the quality, and strength of communications. It’s almost intuitive as to why that is….without the ability to connect face-to-face it’s simply the next best thing.

Incase you aren’t convinced, we know that the importance of body language holds more weight than we like to give credit to.  How many times has a co-worker or a team member misunderstood something you said because maybe they weren’t fully present, or they weren’t observing your body language. This is why videoconferencing is king in today’s work environments, teams simply cannot function as effectively without clarity in communications.

Research tells us that the human brain processes visual cues at an impressive rate compared with audio and text. This translates over to dealing with clients, or even presentations to clients.

Client Relationships

A sales pitch, or a product demo is more memorable with clear communications. Not only from the client side, but being able to read the audience and gauge their level of interest may make or break the effectiveness of a presentation.

Compared with a simple telephone call, or email, slow response times may lead to frustration on both ends, and more room for error in miscommunications.

Videoconferencing tends to take a back seat when It comes to collaboration, which is surprising with all the remote teams and out of office workers due to the pandemic. It adds a level of better understanding. The Forbes survey also mentioned that half of the respondents said that visual collaboration improves level of understanding when it comes to team work.

Improved Collaboration

Another overlooked benefit of a right-fit solution for video conferencing is speed. Providing services quicker to customers creates trust. This is why encouraging collaboration across teams and employees helps to generate better ideas, increase productivity and ultimately serve your customers and clients better.

“In terms of achieving higher levels of collaboration, video conferencing is a real game changer.”

CTO of Magellan Health

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