Introducing AV As-A-Service (AVaaS)

VisionPoint is proud to announce a new addition to our business model. As a company dedicated to serving businesses and their needs, we’ve decided to offer AV as-a-service (AVaaS) which enables organizations to have the benefit of intelligent collaboration technology and videoconferencing as a monthly payment rather than a large upfront expense.

A core operating principle of ours has been designing the right-fit solution for our customers. Flexible payment options make AV more affordable, providing businesses with an economical alternative to acquiring mission critical AV and collaborative technologies.

We believe that this flexible offering adds value to organizations through multiple benefits such as increased flexibility, capital preservation, natural disaster protection, simple upgrade options, and more.

Acquiring New Technology On Your Terms

As AV continues to be increasingly mission critical, the upfront expense can be a challenging decision to make. Ensuring the right fit can have a direct impact on business operations. VisionPoint – or any integrator – may design the right fit solution initially, but as businesses adapt over the years their solution may become obsolete.

The upfront cost may prove to be a hindrance although the initial design was perfect from the start. Our AVaaS model lets you upgrade and scale your solution without hidden costs, or additional fees. This built-in flexibility also helps organizations manage the ever-changing obsolescent nature of technology.

Ownership of AV equipment can hinder flexibility, and suppress your freedom to be adaptive as an organization.

Added Flexibility

Without the large upfront cost, AVaaS might be a better economical business decision for organizations who aren’t ready to take the leap. Purchasing AV and collaboration technology used to be achieved through bank loans, capital expense leases, and cash, but VisionPoint sees the need for added flexibility. Subscription-style monthly payments are far more manageable.

Flexible end of term options give you the freedom to renew the agreement, return the equipment, or select an entirely new solution that fits your needs.

Did you know that you can write off depreciation expenses of the full purchase in the current tax year?

Section 179 is a tax incentive created by the U.S government to help businesses achieve tax relief through the purchase of equipment.

i.e Without Section 179: Spend $100,000 on AV. Write off $10,000 a year for five years.

With Section 179: Write off all $50,000 in the current tax year.

You can still take advantage of Section 179 by making monthly payments.

Added Value

The value of your AV system is equivalent to the value of employee use in daily business operations. Removing the upfront cost by spreading it over the years on a monthly basis gives VisionPoint the ability to adapt solutions based on your needs. Not only are you reaping the benefits from managing cost, but the ability to scale AV technology to your business needs is a competitive advantage that can only benefit organizations in the long run.

Added Protection

Customers who take advantage of our AVaaS option can be comforted by built-in added protection. Natural disaster protection is included incase any damage is incurred on our solution due to a natural disaster. We also have a solution replacement guarantee that grants organizations the power to upgrade to a brand new solution at any point during the term of the agreement without any rollover balances or penalty fees.

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