UNIFY Plus from VisionPoint: The Only Enterprise Monitoring Solution You Need

In 2021, VisionPoint offered cutting-edge services and solutions such as VisionPoint SCOPE to help our customers visualize their spaces in VR. This year we are proud to announce the release of UNIFY Plus, a brilliantly designed, out-of-the-box enterprise monitoring solution with a long list of powerful features.

So, what exactly is it?

UNIFY Plus is a Hybrid Monitoring system that gives IT teams the ability to manage and monitor their rooms, desktops, and devices across their organization. The idea for UNIFY Plus was inspired by the AV/IT managers and executives that we have worked with so closely in the past. As we began to brainstorm, we came across a statistic that over 70% of organizations are using more than one UC platform, which ends up being costly and difficult to manage.

Our new solution solves most headaches that IT managers deal with today, starting with Desktop PC’s. This means when a Microsoft Teams user is having issues with their computer, your IT team no longer needs to remote in to troubleshoot an issue. You can now gain valuable insights directly from the UNIFY Plus dashboard and solve the issue faster than ever before, eliminating hours of troubleshooting. The best part is, UNIFY Plus does not require a dedicated server or changes to infrastructure.

Only The Best Features:

UNIFY Plus sets the standard for real-time alerts and notifications on important parameters, such as call disconnect reasons to temperature and battery life on codecs. Combine this with network performance, IoT device health and QoS during calls, and your organization will be armed with actionable information. No longer will your IT team be endlessly rebooting devices and wasting time getting to the bottom of a problem.

“UNIFY Plus delivers a single view of multiple hardware vendors and cloud services. Not toggling between multiple dashboards and complex tools is truly a game changer”, said Tom McNeff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VisionPoint.

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