Is Interoperability The Next Step?

As employees continue to work from home, organizations are actively exploring more options to improve their communication strategies.

Unified communications interoperability is one area that could use improvement, and benefits organizations tremendously in the long term. Internal and external teams, customers and business partners are increasingly switching back and forth between UC applications in order to carry out their daily tasks. This can be a huge waste of time, and daunting for many employees who are bouncing from meetings, and collaborative tasks.

The issues lie within the likely scenario that an organization may operate using Microsoft Teams for UC services, but a business partner uses Cisco, and Slack. Interoperability becomes an issue in this situation. A situation where UC tools are not compatible is fairly common, but remote work has brought that issue back into the spotlight.

The UNIFY Approach

Organizations have never needed interoperability as much as they do now. VisionPoint crafted UNIFY, a solution that enables the interoperability between Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoToMeeting and Blue Jeans.

Some UC vendors have partnered to have some level of interoperability, for example, Cisco and Microsoft lets Cisco Webex users join Teams meetings. Unfortunately, interoperability between UC platforms is very slow moving, they need to protect their market share in the UC market. We don’t expect them all to co-exist seamlessly anytime soon.

UNIFY from VisionPoint LLC.

UNIFY has driven lots of interest due to being one of the first solutions to give organizations that extra boost in productivity. Without trading off between features and controls, UNIFY gives the users a higher level of flexibility to choose between UC platforms.

UNIFY can now be at the core of intercompany collaboration strategies, furthermore allowing easier collaboration between business partners, internal/external teams, and customers.

Catch a quick recap of our webinar on Unify here.

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