How to Maximize Uptime? Optimize Your Technology

You have a big presentation you’ve been prepping for. You feel confident. Business partners and other remote co-workers are joining in from miles away. Everything is going well and then….the room is down.

These situations are not uncommon because technology does not always work when you want it to. Of course, that is why support services are available to help businesses when they need them most.

By taking a proactive approach and optimizing your conferencing technology, organizations can maximize the uptime of their technology.

Remote Management

The ability to remotely manage technology is a game changer. This means updating settings, and firmware on all devices at once, fixing security bugs, and identifying issues on the fly.

Using powerful management tools such as Crestron’s XIO cloud, you can schedule updates ahead of time, reducing the security risk and performance.

Remote management has become especially popular during the pandemic, as it became essential for many IT Directors/AV managers. Because of this, we believe remote management will see continuous increases in demand due to it’s many benefits such as saving time, reducing labor costs and site visits.

Remote Monitoring

Along with remote management is the ability to gain valuable insights about things like room use, live status and monitoring any changes in real-time. This means receiving alerts when a room is down, or when support is needed on a room or device.

Workplace analytics can help with decision-making, matching the performance of the technology with the culture of your organization. This means understanding how spaces are being used and tracking room occupancy.

Prioritizing Service

The powerful combination between remote monitoring and management helps service providers get a better understanding of your unique AV system. By keeping track of reported problems and historical data of system performance, service providers can pinpoint issues faster and more efficiently.

This may even help service providers make a quick fix! A user may report a faulty display that isn’t working. A quick peek may tell a service representative that the input switched to the display does not have video sync, meaning that there maybe a cable issue.

Driving Better Decisions

An added benefit to monitoring is the ability to make better business decisions when it comes to investing in AV. At first sight, a manager may notice that a $100,000 conference room is booked 100% of the time…now that’s great! Looking deeper into the data shows us that 60% of the time only a laptop, display and audio conferencing are being used, and most of the meetings have 5 people or less.

If we didn’t look deeper into the data, the organization may have considered adding an identical room instead of a smaller room with $10,000 worth of equipment to support 60% of the meetings held by employees. By only using surface-level data, the organization would’ve wasted $90,000.

You could see how the combination of remote monitoring, and remote management is a proactive approach too maximizing the uptime of your conference rooms. VisionPoint implements remote management and monitoring for many of our clients, helping them get the most out of their AV investments. Reach out anytime with any questions, or if you would like to discuss ideas on your next project.

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