Need to improve Interoperability? Try a Cloud-based Solution!

The business operations of today require the ability to book meetings on the fly. We are bidding farewell to the outdated, bulky, and expensive hardware of yesterday, and migrating to cloud-based solutions that tie together key features that businesses need to thrive.

VisionPoint has focused on developing strong partnerships with developers who aim to offer exactly that. Recently we have entered in a partnership with Synergy Sky, and prior to that, Starleaf so that we can offer solutions that provide the right-fit to our customers when they are ready to make the move towards enterprise interoperability solutions.

2021 started off very positive for us. We have seen old projects coming off hold, and some new projects getting started. The common factor in many of these projects have been interest in Cloud-based solutions.

UNIFY has also seen a lot of demand! Combing convenience with advanced interoperability, and centralized admin controls is just the tip of the iceberg.

Multi-Platform Dialing

Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoToMeeting…You name it. Because UNIFY is a suite of cloud-based solutions, you can easily connect to the preferred platform of your choice.

Enhanced Control

There is no shortage of videoconferencing solutions out there. Along with that comes too many tools, licenses, and ways to manage these systems from an admin’s perspective. UNIFY includes a centralized place for admins to monitor and manage UC apps; along with one place to view analytics to improve the reliability and usability of these systems.

Advanced Analytics & Monitoring

Comprehensive video collaboration usage reports can help your organizations decide which platforms are being used the most, maybe one is never being used so why spend the money? The UNIFY suite also has automatic de-booking features, and people count/room capacity reporting.

Ready to power your business with intelligent, intuitive technology?

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