Now is the best time to upgrade your Conference Rooms

With less foot traffic in the office it has never been a more perfect time to upgrade your conference room. Maybe it was just a passing thought that some of the technology in your conference rooms need to be updated, maybe the pandemic made you consider touchless solutions, or just a better solution in general.

Here are a few reasons why now is the best time to develop a strategy to update your current space.

Conference Rooms are a reflection of your Organization

Comfort, fit, and finish are a key part of the modern conference room. Depending on the purpose of the room, AV equipment might need to be as non-invasive as possible, gone are the days where microphones need to take up valuable space on tables.

When technology appears to be outdated or faulty, it can leave a bad impression on a potential business partner or client. The effort in creating a comfortable and welcoming reception room should match the effort in designing.

Conference Rooms have become a Centerpiece for Collaboration

Because many organizations have pivoted to remote/hybrid collaboration between teams and employees, making sure conference rooms have interactive and touchless solutions has become more important.

Many of our customers have expressed the need to enable room-based systems to seamlessly integrate with other popular platforms, and to be remotely managed. Interoperability is another obstacle created by the pandemic; luckily it can be solved with unique solutions like UNIFY.

Flexibility is Key

A growing trend is the need for flexibility in the workplace.

Huddle rooms offer much needed flexibility on a smaller scale, larger conference rooms may, or may not be needed as much as they were in the past. AV manufacturers are spending lots of resources for R&D to develop innovative solutions to help create more flexibility. BYOD is increasing in popularity, wireless presentation, controlling conference room technology from smart devices like tablets, and smartphones are becoming the norm.

VisionPoint has been helping customers re-imagine the classic boardroom to become more flexible. For one of our clients, we developed a solution for a Hospital’s boardroom with two modes that automatically reconfigures the speakers, microphones and displays to support smaller/focused meetings with the touch of a button.

This means that the initial investment, and allocation of space for the boardroom is even more effective. Instead of allocating more space for huddle rooms, or smaller conference rooms the larger space can now be utilized when the room only needs to support a small group of 5 or so users, rather than a room that supports large groups with 20+ individuals.

The Time is Now

Ultimately it will be comfort, control and intuitive technology that will determine how effective a collaborative environment will be.

Strategically updating, and repurposing collaborative environments to serve the post-pandemic world is not only to make spaces that are supportive of touchless technology, and social distancing, but also to create better environments to collaborate.

Yesterday’s technology simply lacks the same level of interactivity and efficiency that today’s workplace demands. Many sources anticipate the AV industry to grow rapidly after the pandemic becomes a thing of the past; we are certain there will be a spike in demand for these upgrades.

We suggest creating a short survey to analyze remote/hybrid employees and strategize with a trusted AV integrator like VisionPoint to develop the best strategy to update your collaborative spaces.

Feel free to contact us today, and we can put you in touch with one of our expert Technology Consultants.

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