On-Prem to Cloud

Creating seamless collaboration across the workplace

Imagine walking into a brand-new conference room full of unfamiliar hardware, touch panels, microphones, and other AV technology. For VisionPoint employees, we can usually find our way around communications technology. But it is not always easy for most employees in other industries.

We have found that many of our clients have had insufficient training on their rooms, including those who use them frequently for collaboration, presentations, and videoconferencing. Luckily, migrating to cloud-based solutions can give employees the ability to use conference rooms with the apps that they are most comfortable with; whether that be Zoom, Teams or GoToMeeting.

Develop a Better Relationship Between IT and Other Departments

When there is a knowledge gap between the user and AV technology, it can be immensely frustrating when they have spent the first 10 minutes trying to get a room to work the way they want it to. Even worse when they are presenting to a client, or trying to work with business partners.

Sometimes this frustration can be unfairly taken out on the IT department, creating dissatisfaction because of these knowledge gaps, or simply because the technology is not user-friendly.

Cloud-based solutions like UNIFY can help to eliminate major frustrations by giving users a much more friendly experience with features like one-button join, and calendar integration.

Ease the Transition Back to the Office

Back in March many employees became comfortable working from home. Being able to use Zoom and Teams to conduct meetings from their laptops allowed them to enjoy the simplicity of user-friendly videoconferencing apps. Once the great return to work happens, the challenge will be getting employees to use conferencing spaces again which would otherwise go to waste.

With cloud-based solutions, it’s easier than ever before to show employees how to schedule meetings, forward them to a room, and join with one-touch.

The Problem isn’t always the Technology, or the User.

When employees are having trouble with technology it’s easy to say it’s because of training. Sometimes it’s simply how user friendly the solution is. Because of this we have recognized a need within the AV industry to promote solutions that are intuitive, and help users feel more comfortable, giving employees more time to focus on their own work.

VisionPoint focuses on right-fit solutions, and our purpose has only grown stronger during the pandemic where technology has played a large role in collaboration.

Contact VisionPoint at any time, with any questions that you may have about the existing AV technology at your workplace.

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