Protecting your IT investment

The need for strategic budgeting is more critical than ever before…

Getting the most out of any investment in technology is crucial.


Deloitte’s CIO survey concluded that 56% of CIO’s expect to adopt flexible delivery methods to increase IT responsiveness. Rather than creating budgets that increase incrementally each year, this approach helps to align the purchase of technologies with corporate strategy. Furthermore, creating a technology investment decision-making process that involves IT strengthens that alignment.

Investments in AV technology should be made with the consideration of long-term growth, and long-term recovery. After COVID-19 has affected businesses of all kinds, recovery should be a priority for many execs. Providing short-term remote teams and workers with collaborative solutions can help keep essential business operations at a productive level.

Existing Technology

While conference rooms are left collecting dust for many organizations, the mass-phasing back to work has not yet begun. What’s left behind is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment going unused, but we can’t forget about how this technology will be utilized once companies slowly phase teams back to work. In the state of CT, we see that some companies are returning employees back to work. Once employees are phased back equipment downtime will become a massive cost as organizations play catch up. The IT help desk will be overloaded with service tickets.

Can your organization afford to lose $100,000 an hour?

Depending on industry, one hour of downtime could cost an organization $100,000. This is why reliable technology can be worth the upfront costs. A survey from 2016 found tat U.S businesses lose up to $1.8 billion in wasted productivity because of obsolete technology. Microsoft found that in 2018, 90% of customers dealing with a company with outdated tech were most likely considering to move their business to a direct competitor.

Maximizing uptime saves money in the long run. This is why VisionPoint offers annual service contracts that include remote monitoring, unlimited emergency visits, unlimited telephone support, unlimited in-house service support, 24-hr onsite support from initial call, extended hours support and preventative maintenance.

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