Reasons Why You Need an APEx Certified AV Integrator

AVIXA, the most well-known trade organization for the AV industry, shares the same beliefs that we do here at VisionPoint. The belief that audiovisual technology changes how people communicate and experience the world. They created the APEx (AV Provider of Excellence) certification to help integrators stand apart when they match the high standards put forth by the industry.

An integrator needs to be a current member of AVIXA, and apply once certain criteria have been met. According to AVIXA, an integrator needs to:

– Provide clear designs and offer world-class service to their customers

– Train their team well and make sure they earn AVIXA, industry and manufacturer certifications

– Work in a collaborative manner to assess customer needs, and make sure installations perform to their expectations

At least 25% of their Employees have their CTS

The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an AV industry standard that recognizes an individuals basic understanding of audiovisual expertise. Here at VisionPoint, over 25% of our employees have a CTS, along with more advanced certifications such as CTS-I, and CTS-D to ensure that our techs are adhering to the highest standards during installations and design.

They receive at least 4 Positive Customer Service Responses annually (Conducted through a Third Party)

How do you know that an AV integrator is not all talk? Making sure your AV provider has continuously satisfied their customers is key. APEx guarantees honesty, because APEx certified integrators cannot view, or modify by the integrator, ensuring that the positive results are honest. VisionPoint not only uses this to make sure that customers are happy, but to promote continuous improvement and perfect their internal processes.

They meet AVIXA’s Standards of Professionalism, and Quality Standards

The APEx certification requires that the integrator follows AVIXA’s core values. These include, but are not limited to, expert technical staff, best possible value, scalability, appropriate documentation, on-going technical support and more. You know exactly what to expect with an APEx certified integrator.

They continue to invest in employee education and improvement each year

Apart from a CTS, the integrator must also provide continuous education for their employees throughout the year. Because the AV industry changes at an incredibly fast pace, with new products and solutions on the market, it’s impossible to keep up without constant education and training. Luckily, AVIXA recognizes certifications and training from manufacturers such as Crestron, Shure, Legrand and more. This guarantees that APEx certified integrators like VisionPoint are well-rounded and will provide the best possible solutions available.

Your investment is protected after Installation

Because of the AVIXA’s Core Values Agreement, integrators are responsible for providing on-going technical support throughout warranty, and maintenance. This can bring peace of mind to an organization making a large investment in AV, with a new integrator; making sure that you get the absolute best performance out of your new system.

So Why VisionPoint?

Now you know why you should prefer an APEx certified integrator over another; but why VisionPoint? What sets VisionPoint apart is our promise to only recommend right fit solutions and remain product agnostic. Some integrators have a preference towards certain manufacturers, but we listen to our customers needs using a thorough assessment that includes overlooked areas such as company culture, and business processes.

This allows VisionPoint to provide the highest possible customer satisfaction, making sure that the right solution is paired with the right customer.

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