Receive a 10% Discount on Service Contracts

For a limited time, adding remote access will give you instant access to a 10% discount on your contract. By adding remote access to your location, you gain the benefits of adding an on-demand resource to your team. VisionPoint technicians are well versed in AV technology, allow us to get your meetings started without the guess work. In addition, this will free up your time to continue working on endeavors.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

As much as we'd hope, AV systems don't always work the way we want them to. VisionPoint's service department gives our customers a modernized approach to service that enables the majority of issues to be solved in minutes instead of days. Most AV providers have to send out a technician for the majority service calls, we've reduced onsite service significantly.

Faster Service

Our advanced service model enables us to serve our clients right when they need us. Today’s business environment demands videoconferencing on the fly whether users are conducting virtual team meetings, a client meeting or an interview. Customers of VisionPoint enjoy a greater return on their investment by receiving faster service and maximizing the uptime on their AV systems.

Problem Resolution in Minutes

Remote monitoring and access is a modernized approach that can reduce resolution time of a service call down to hours, or even minutes. Many integrators take over 24 hours on a typical service call. A single hour of downtime can be costly for large organizations during peak operations, this is why we value time and efficiency for our customers. Our service team can help troubleshoot common issues with you in a matter of minutes. In situations where we have to be onsite, we have a better understanding of the problem before a technician is sent out leading to faster, and more efficient service.

Certified Professional Service

Our service department consists of industry veterans with over a decade of experience, in other words you’re in good hands. Because our staff is heavily certified we can offer a more flexible, responsive and quicker service. We will also provide you with preventative maintenance, system metrics, tips, system diagnostics, and education on how to get the most out of your system.

What our customers have been saying

Recently we have added a brief survey at the end of each service call. Here are some quotes from a few customers.

Above and Beyond...

“Both Wayne and Dan handled my request in a timely manner and kept me informed during the process from the beginning until it was resolved. Dan also went above and beyond, not only to resolve the issue, but to educate and explain why. Dan is an asset to VisionPoint and your customers. Thank You!”

Responsive, knowledgeable and flexible...

“Always a pleasure to work with all of VP staff. Responsive, knowledgeable and flexible to work with. Things change frequently and you folks are always willing to work with us to find a resolution”

Quick problem resolutions...

“Wayne did a great job troubleshooting over the phone with me, and a tech was quickly able to be onsite the following business day. Al did a great job getting the issue resolved quickly once onsite.”

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