Scaling Your Business with AV Technologies

A misconception is that AV is more of a luxury than a necessity depending on the size of your business; in truth, it’s a key component to scaling your business. More importantly, it can make both positive and negative first impressions to business partners, clients and even talent/

Employee Flexibility

There are several reasons for why it will become a necessity when your business is trying to scale, the first being remote work. Giving your employees the ability to work from home on the fly is still a fresh concept, but more and more candidates are expecting flexibility when they are searching for new opportunities. Sometimes it also just makes more sense. Especially when you start to grow your team, setting up your facilities for hybrid/remote work means that you can hire talent from anywhere in the world. This gives your business greater access to the necessary skills, while maintaining the same levels of productivity, and possibly saving a little on overhead.

Expanding to Multiple Locations

Thinking of adding a second location to improve business operations? That is reason number two. If your employees are traveling between two, or more locations, or perhaps you want to maintain weekly meetings between certain departments, AV is critical. Creating communication channels to streamline your business is a necessity, especially when you are scaling your business across multiple locations.

Making a Good First Impression

Reason number three is about creating a sense of professionalism. When a client, or potential business partner visits your facilities, where are you most likely to take them? Your office? The lunchroom? Chances are they would expect to be meeting up in a conference room or boardroom. Is your conference a mess with cables everywhere? Does the technology look over a decade old? These subtle details can speak volumes about how your organization operates.

So, what if they aren’t meeting you for the first time in person? It will probably be through video. If you have a boardroom set up for comfort, and utility; high-quality cameras and audio will make a professional first impression. Using a laptop, or other setup with poor audio and video may come off as unprofessional in some situations.

Remote Collaboration

How can you scale your business without increasing the flexibility of your operations? We’re not talking about remote work again; we’re talking about collaborating on projects, concepts, and everything in between.

In our business, we collaborate remotely all the time. Sometimes we meet with partners, and manufacturers about new products, sometimes we present sales and marketing initiatives to our partners to build our relationships and help to sell more of their products. We even remotely troubleshoot issues and share content with our customers to get their systems up and running.

Remote collaboration is becoming more and more common, and it directly relates to scaling your business.

Building a Culture Around Communications

The last reason is not necessarily obvious, as it takes more time to come to fruition. When incorporating AV and videoconferencing technologies into the workplace, its more than training employees, it’s making a cultural change. Guiding them on how to use certain technologies to improve various business processes is apart of the challenge. With proper integration, within a year you’ll already be seeing a return on your investment. This means streamlined communications throughout your business, high-quality meetings from the comfort of your boardroom, savings on travel expenses, and improved collaboration between employees from anywhere in the world!

Whether you are scaling your business, or looking to improve the communications at your company, AV should be your next step. Contact VisionPoint with any questions, or ideas relating to your next AV project. Take the assessment here.

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