Cultural analysis creates seamless collaboration

Powered with dual 70" displays, collaborative tech, and touchless control, this room is built around teamwork and culture

Without analyzing corporate culture, technology can become a wasted resource, and designing becomes a challenge. Cultural analysis creates solutions aligned with collaboration, team work, and business critical operations.


A global corporation came to VisionPoint to upgrade their corporate headquarters, they were looking for efficient solutions that improved communication and team efforts. Unpredicted challenges like COVID-19 and time constraints required special attention, and flexibility to meet client expectations.


Existing boardroom technology painted a picture for us in the design stage. Out dated technology and pain points were key indicators for system design, but cultural analysis helped us identify numerous opportunities for efficiency.

Objectives included non-intrusive collaborative technology, user-friendly presentation capabilities, and a much needed upgrade. However, our final design went through several revisions to ensure the room was compliant with the challenges of COVID-19.


The new room enables users to collaborate, present and video conference seamlessly with wireless capabilities and intuitive functionality. Apart from a dramatic shift in the workplace, technology use has dramatically due to cultural analysis and design considerations. This client proceeded to use this design in several locations around the country, further streamlining critical business operations, all while enhancing the quality of video conferencing and collaboration.

  • Cisco WebEx Room Kit Plus
  • ¬†Quad camera with built in speakers
  • Cisco microphones
  • Cisco Touch 10 Interface
  • Crestron CP3 Processor
  • TSS scheduling panel
  • Dual 70″ displays
  • Retractable HDMI and USB-C
  • Mersive Solstice¬†

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