In-depth research modernizes an outdated Executive Boardroom

By dedicating time to research and analysis on the front end VisionPoint was able to select the right sleek and modern solutions, fitting an outdated boardroom into a modernized space that executives are able to enjoy.

An aesthetically designed executive boardroom becomes a challenge when users identify the need for business modernization. With a delicate balance of aesthetics and intelligent tech, executives can focus on critical decision making amongst non-invasive solutions. Dedicating time for research on the front-end, design, and virtual rendering ensures user satisfaction.



An International insurance company with outdated rooms were seeking solutions for modernizing their existing boardroom. Creating an efficient modernized executive boardroom from an aesthetically designed room built for comfort comes with many challenges and considerations. Selecting the right products while navigating custom millwork and architecture narrows solutions that create the right-fit. Because the boardroom was built before integrated technology was common, maintaining the integrity of the architecture and interior design was a priority. Not only that, but ensuring the atmosphere is right for executives and key-decision makers is critical.


It was clear that design would make or break the project. Dedicating a lot of time for research, analysis of the existing space and sight line studies helped close the gap between aesthetic fit and user experience. Requirements for non-invasive tech solutions in regards to speaker placement in the ceiling, and microphones amongst the users drove the design process. Through the use of 3d rendering, VisionPoint was able to physically show how the technology would fit into the existing space before approval.


Because VisionPoint thoroughly researched the existing space, and selectively chose the right products, the newly fitted boardroom has become an integral part of business operations, and corporate culture. Executives now have the power to video conference, present, and collaborate in the same space, while enjoying the pre-existing benefit of aesthetics and comfort. Not only were the executives pleased with the newly-fitted boardroom, but the CEO calls it “a centerpiece for critical decision making”.

  • Clock Audio Retractable Microphones
  • Martin Audio Ceiling Speakers
  • Crestron Control System
  • Crestron Video Switching/Routing
  • Cisco Video Conferencing System with UC Interoperability
  • Cisco auto-tracking cameras
  • ┬áDual 75″ Displays

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