Miss Porter’s Takes Advantage of Non-Invasive AV

Spaces that support a wide variety of events call for non-invasive, flexible technology that can take shape depending on the occasion. Fine-tuning AV designs to match user requirements, intuitive controls, and transparency prove to maximize the investment in technology for private schools.



In light of recent renovations, a renowned New England private school aims to extend the functionality of its Dining Hall, which doubles as a space for alumni events, ceremonies and more. Because this space serves many purposes for the institution, staff, students, and administration require user-friendly AV. With respect for the fit and finish of the renovations and the dual-purpose of the space, the technology is to remain as non-invasive as possible, while providing the necessary functionality for future events.


Objectives were relatively clear from the start, but the design required many considerations to ensure success. Because the end-users would range from Students to Staff and Administration, we meticulously identified potential pain-points to ensure all end-users would benefit from the proposed design. The size of the space also influenced the overall design, requiring the Engineering team to consider acoustics, viewing angles, speaker placement, as well as the locations for wall plates and certain pieces of technology.


Considering the type of events that take place in the Dining Hall and the caliber of the institution itself, non-invasive AV became an essential component of the solution to compliment the renovations, and the functionality of the space. What was once a common dining area is now newly equipped with state-of-the-art AV, capable of hosting large events, impromptu movie nights, and everything in-between.

  • NEC Projector
  • Retractable Draper Projection Screen
  • LG Digital Displays
  • Crestron Video Switching & Routing/Control System
  • Martin Audio Loudspeakers
  • Biamp DSP
  • Shure Wireless Microphone System

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