Alishan Medina, CTS Certified Technology Specialist

“I am here to ensure that the technology linking creative minds functions flawlessly which in turn allows dreams to become reality. Nightmares can take a hike”.

Alishan joined VisionPoint with a vast knowledge in automotive electronics, including high fidelity car audio. His experience in electronics and customer service made an easy transition into the Audio-Visual industry. Alishan has acquired his CTS Certification with AVIXA – Certified Technology Specialist, which has given him an even greater foot hold into providing our customers with the best possible service. Alishan is an extremely dedicated professional, VisionPoint customers have commended his service, dedication and attitude. Alishan is always ready to be dispatched whenever and wherever he may be needed, a road warrior at times, living up to VisionPoint’s reputation and to uphold its promises. A real team player! The VisionPoint brand frames the way Alishan attacks his problems. He coordinates with his team to ensure that problems are fully identified, and all possible solutions are considered; ultimately choosing the best option available. Alishan never takes short cuts and puts in the time to make sure every job is completed fully, and the customer is happy. Outside of work, Alishan enjoys Mountain biking and exploring new places to hike with his dog, Willow. A fun fact: Willow is a Xoloitzcuintli. VisionPoint is extremely fortunate to have Alishan as a member or our family and team.

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