Elizabeth Brancucio Elizabeth Brancucio

"I love that I get to further my education in the AV industry. And i'm always learning new things with each and every project."

When Elizabeth joined VisionPoint she was unfamiliar with the AV industry, but her background in Architecture and Electrical/Mechanical Drafting made her the perfect fit. Since she attended Emmett O’Brien Technical High School, she was exposed to the world of drafting at a relatively young age. She continued her formal education at the New England Institute of Technology for Architectural Design which opened the door to her professional career as a Lead Engineering Draftswomen, making screwless aluminum fences for commercial properties. At VisionPoint, she is an vital part of the design process as our Senior Drafter. Not a single drawing or design is installed without going through Elizabeth. Her consistent work ethic envelopes everything she does, ultimately supporting her teammates on the Engineering team, and ensuring client success. In her downtime, Elizabeth likes to draw; along with her side job re-designing and demoing houses for residential properties. As an employee, Elizabeth has guided the success of some of our best work; and we are grateful to have her apart of the VisionPoint team.

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