Jason Polick Featured Team Member

"My day to day tasks include making sure all equipment for each job is in order...So that when it is time to roll and there are deadlines to be made, nothing gets in the way"

Before Jason joined VisionPoint as the warehouse manager, he had over 7 years of experience as a warehouse supervisor. Although Jason came from outside of the AV industry, he quickly developed an interest and some industry knowledge through his hard work and interactions with some of the techs at VisionPoint. He enjoys working at VisionPoint because of the services they provide, and the high standards of quality that VisionPoint upholds for their customers. “There is nobody here that I don’t get along with. And this place feels like home.”  Jason pointed out that the VisionPoint brand is all about taking pride in what you do, and delivering the best customer service possible so that the customer is happy, and we maintain a valuable relationship with them. Outside of work, Jason spends time with his family of four, along with his dog comet. When he is not taking his sons Dylan and Mason to soccer practice, Jason is staying active playing basketball, softball, or bowling. During the summer Jason and his family always look forward to their annual trip to Cape Cod.

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