Lindsey DeMoura Project Coordinator

The customer is always priority. It's my job to develop creative solutions when necessary; working closely with each department to make every project a success.

Before joining VisionPoint in March of 2020, Lindsey was responsible for managing a University recreation facility. Through her experiences with scheduling, operations and leading events; she quickly landed herself a role in Project Management. Through teamwork and collaboration, she naturally adapted to the project lifecycle and everything that goes into it. Since then, Lindsey has experience managing projects ranging from $3,000 to $850,000. She has gained invaluable experience overcoming challenges of all shapes and sizes; applying her quick wit and ability to adapt with each project she is given. Lindsey’s friendly personality, positive attitude and professionalism helps her overcome any challenge that gets in her way.  When she isn’t championing projects and putting a smile on our customer’s face, you can find her working on her summer glow at the beach; or roasting smores over a campfire.

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