Roberto Torres, CTS Field Installation Technician

A job is only complete when a job is done right. That's why I focus on the quality of an install, and supporting my teammates whenever they need help. A big part of our success is making sure the job is done right from the very beginning.

If he isn’t building an equipment rack, he’s out in the field installing one of our expertly designed AV systems. Roberto’s job is incredibly important, making everything come together for the client, meeting deadlines and ensuring everything is perfect down to the cable. Before working at VisionPoint, Roberto worked in Puerto Rico working as Desk Side Support, later becoming an AV Technician for a Manufacturing company. He is also highly certified, which explains all of the stellar project evaluations we get from our customers. Roberto currently holds his CTS, along with manufacture specific trainings from Shure, Zoom, Dante, Biamp and Extron.

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