Wayne Wilson Electronics Specialist

My commitment every day is to build productive relationships by supporting our customers and resolving complex issues.

Wayne’s skills as an electronics specialist in the Navy gave him a basis to start his career 18 years ago in the Audio Visual industry. Wayne began supporting and implementing video conferencing technology and has since expanded his expertise to include programming and networking technology. Wayne’s skills related to video, audio, network technologies and other software made it a natural migration to becoming a Service Support Specialist. He also holds certifications from Crestron, Biamp, Polycom, Cisco in Video, Audio, and Networking through his understanding of video conferencing terms, related technologies and network topology.

Wayne has installed many projects that involve fabrication, installation, coordination and skills associated with projects ranging in size and complexity. Wayne has worked with Cisco, Polycom, Crestron, BIAMP, ClearOne, Extron and many other industry technologies related to communication. Wayne started with VisionPoint 13 years ago as the first employee, setting up the foundation for the infrastructure including network, software, phones, service, programming, and installation.

On 7/20/20 Wayne completed his Master Technology Architect certification; our industry’s highest level of expertise in Creston system design and deployment.

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