Zofia Lavoie Managing Member

I always try to see things from my customer's point-of-view. Then I'm more likely to find a solution that works for everyone.

In the early days of her career, Zofia was trained in Total Quality Management. This education in how to work with people to understand their processes and create opportunities for improvement has been invaluable to all of her roles at VisionPoint.

From managing the finances to human resources and operations, Zofia never stops looking for a better way and instills that approach with every team member. And the purpose of it all, she says, is to always meet or exceed the expectations of customers.

In addition to her VisionPoint responsibilities, Zofia is the President and Property Manager of the business complex the company calls home. So some days you might catch her planning with the landscaper, conspiring with pest control or managing a large construction project in between conversations with clients and staff members.

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