The right technology

Whether you need to support single-office collaboration meetings or multi-location live-streaming events, we work with you to engineer the right technology to fit the configuration of your offices, the needs of your business, and the personality of your culture.

Evidence-Based Design

Our designs are grounded in research, actual project evaluations and real-world, hands on experience with integration and support.

3D Visual Analysis & VR Design

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) Revit Software, we analyze, design and model any of your communication rooms using real-time information providing end users with the highest level of integrated technology. With this approach, we can provide clients with a clear understanding of how the technology will look, and operate.

Environmental Efficiency

The way a conference or collaboration space feels is as important as the way it functions. Our designs deliver the capabilities your organization needs while also addressing in-room intelligence and LEED initiative factors such as automation, scheduling, climate and lighting

Intuitive Experience

The only technology that is worth its investment is technology that gets used. Our installations are designed to feel natural, even for people with little technical know-how, and to eliminate user aggravation and time lost troubleshooting.

Seamless Integration

We ensure that our technology recommendations are fully integrated on every level; culturally, aesthetically and functionally.

Network Impact

Modern audio and video systems leverage networks to support signal distribution, control, collaboration and support. VisionPoint works closely with your IT team to ensure effective and secure network integration.


Logistics and Project Management are integral elements of a successful project. VisionPoint’s certified project management team coordinates all aspects of deliverables and maintains open channels of communication to ensure seamless integration.

Quality Control

Our quality control process allows for start to finish systems configuration testing in our facility. By reviewing and resolving issues, and achieving desired operational efficiency prior to system deployment in your offices, you experience superior performance from day one.

Services and Support

After installation, commissioning and training, we monitor your systems and provide proactive support and metrics.

Analytics Reporting

We analyze and report on the day-to-day functioning of your systems, providing guidance on equipment use and performance, highlighting significant outcomes, and suggesting potential modifications.

Onsite Customer Training

VisionPoint will conduct an initial end user training program to meet specific applications of the technology. This on-site training follows guidelines outlined in the manufacturer’s user handbook and provides users with knowledge of the capabilities and intended applications, an understanding of how to use the touch panels or other controls and delivers access to the VisionPoint provided instructional documentation.

Remote Monitoring

We continuously monitor key attributes of your system’s performance from our Network Operations Center. This allows us to track and immediately trouble shoot issues before they cause problems for your organization’s communication priorities.

Prompt response [within minutes!]

We respond immediately, usually within minutes, to service requests. Every avenue, including video help desk call, email, or phone call, leads to an immediate response.

Ready to power your business with intelligent, intuitive technology?

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