The Rise of In-House Media Production: How AV can help

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that content creation has been on a steady rise over the past few years.

A quick scroll through LinkedIn will show you notable entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and executives developing influencer-like content almost every day. If you follow a Tech company’s LinkedIn, you may notice that they are constantly sharing high-quality content to either self-promote or help differentiate their organization.

We Crave High Quality Content

From the AV perspective, we have had recent conversations with clients of ours who are considering to build special purpose rooms designed for content creation, almost like an in-house media production studio that one might see at an Ad Agency.

Maybe organizations are starting to realize, regardless of industry, that it is time to invest in such a space.

In 2019, a survey from Kaltura found that over half of organizations reported an increased use of video over the past three years.

More recent stats suggest that 56% of companies consider webinars to be their top choice of media in 2020, and Tech companies produce 425 videos on a yearly basis. Even when we consider small to medium sized businesses, 52% reported that they use both external, and internal resources to produce video content.

The problem that many organizations face is the lack of resources to produce high-quality Audio and Video content on the fly. Maybe COVID put a damper on production plans? Maybe the Marketing and Sales staff isn’t too confident in getting good quality out of a DSLR camera without a production team. But if your competitor is pumping out content, it only makes sense that you get on board fast.

With the right tools, creativity, and technical know-how, your organization can create competitive, eye catching content sometimes quicker, and more efficient than the competition.

Benefits of an In-House Content Creation Studio

Lower Production Costs

If your organization has produced content in the past and outsourced a production company to help, you probably understand that creating high-quality content can be expensive. Additional costs that can add up quickly when using external resources, like renting out a studio. If you are filming content with your CEO and you need to bring him/her to external locations, you need to consider transportation costs, and their valuable time. The ability to have access to an in-house content creation studio can dramatically decrease costs over time, especially when you consider removing that cost from Marketing and Advertising budgets.

Faster Results

Yes, producing your own content might mean that there is a big learning curve which may take a lot of time initially; but consider the amount of control that you and your production team can have. Imagine that you and your competitor are competing on very similar products/services and you want to get the word out with some high-quality video content. Their marketing department is revising their advertising budget and they’re planning on bringing in a production company to take care of the job which will require a large investment of time on their end. Your organization just needs to plan the shoot, get a few takes, edit down the takes, and post them. Your turnaround time will be significantly less, and better yet, you don’t have to revise your advertising budget to get the same results.

Unlimited Takes

If you are creating video, or audio content like a podcast, you don’t have to worry about rushing. You can stay the extra two hours to get perfect takes. If you are renting out a studio, you may be charged extra, or you may be limited because someone else has the studio booked after you. With your own media production room, you have the advantage of unlimited takes.

Enables Video Content for Every Department

Who says that this space can only be used for Sales and Marketing videos? Developing training and onboarding videos onsite can be invaluable. There are endless possibilities for podcasting, developing video content for customers on how to get the most out of your products, and even livestreaming a product demonstration. A well-designed content creation studio has limitless applications.

The Perfect Media Production Room

At VisionPoint, we prioritize intuitive, intelligent technology. You need to build a technology enabled space around the users, and have a clear understanding of the end goal. That’s why you should always consult with trusted professionals. But even if you are not ready to reach out to us, here are some considerations:

The Right Space

Although it’s ideal to have a dedicated space for content creation, it’s not always possible. Perhaps a largely unused videoconferencing space can be reconfigured to match the needs of your organization when it comes to the type of content that is being created. When selecting a pre-existing space, it’s also important to be mindful of what happens around that space on a daily basis. If the space in mind is next to a heavily trafficked area in the office, it makes more sense to choose a space that is away from noise and distraction.

The Right Size

This is where the type of content being created really matters. If you are shooting video, you may want to consider a green screen, an equipment closet that can house a camera (or cameras), lighting equipment, a boom microphone, gimbals, and other types of equipment that you may need.

If you are podcasting or livestreaming audio, one important consideration may be a control room (like in a recording studio) so a Producer or a Mix Engineer can monitor microphone levels in real-time.

Selecting the right size will directly affect the quality, and the types of content that can be produced.

The Right Acoustic Treatment

When producing audio, acoustics can make or break the quality of the final product. Especially if you are recording audio during business hours. Depending on the location it may be tricky to avoid outside voices, and external noise from bleeding into your audio (sirens, doors shutting etc.). You will want to consult professionals like VisionPoint on this.

The Right Technology

The final piece of the puzzle is selecting the correct technology. This may be the most complicated question to answer because it is not only dependent on the type of content that will be produced, it also depends on the culture of your organization, the end user(s), the size of your budget and the level of expertise on staff.

Do you need to film multiple angles at once? Are the individuals being recorded moving around? Do you need clip on microphones, or are they presenting from a desk? How will lighting be managed?

Luckily, VisionPoint’s Staff is full of industry veterans who can help you answer all these questions; not to mention, giving your organization a competitive edge, and a cost-effective way to produce high-quality content.

Here is a list of common use cases for you to consider:

Video – Livestreaming/Q&A, Product Demos, Panel Discussions, Executive Briefings, Shareholder Meetings, Earnings Calls, Livestreamed Podcast, Training/Onboarding Videos, How-To Videos, Courses/Master Classes, Behind the Scenes, Meet-The-Team Videos, Interviews, Vlogs, Testimonials, Webinars.

Audio – Podcasting, Voice-Over, Livestream Radio, Radio Advertisements, any situation where high-quality audio should support Video content.

Special Considerations

Special scenarios like a livestreamed Q&A may require a two-way feed. This means you may have a display and a video/sound bar to support two-way communication. It may also be beneficial to have a green screen, video wall, or a retractable screen so you can display branding in the background while content is being recorded.

How VisionPoint Can Help

VisionPoint can help by leveraging our expertise in AV design-build. Even if your organization isn’t sure where to start, we can help you visualize any space using our Virtual Reality Design software with the specifications of any room. Using this technology, we can help you visualize your space, fitted with various pieces of technology, and solve potential acoustical issues that may arise.

Our engineering team can help to design, and build out a custom media production room, designed specifically for your organization, providing more control and flexibility over content creation. And potentially, a competitive advantage.

Ready to power your business with intelligent, intuitive technology?

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