Transitioning to a Touch-Free Workplace

As we move toward developing strategies to reopen and get back to work, an entirely new set of considerations will need to be addressed and merged with current operations and workflows. Many of these considerations will clearly revolve around security and health and will impact how people will be able to use conference rooms and other spaces where social distancing is not possible.

VisionPoint has been developing ideas to help our clients get back to work when the time is appropriate. We’re thinking about technologies, applications and processes that will help our clients feel comfortable using conference rooms and conference room technology.

Health-check Kiosk: Placed at the entrance to conference rooms or buildings, heath check kiosks can identify meeting participants and check their body temperature before entering the space.    

Touchless Control: Many new AV technology designs enable one-button-to-press to launch audio or video conferences, which still requires a user to touch the control surface.  The “new-normal” may enable control through personal devices or voice.  

Touchless Presentation: Just like the ability to control systems through personal devices or voice, users will want simple and secure methods to support wireless presentations for employees and guests.   

Remote Management: VisionPoint has identified and tested several methods of enabling remote control, diagnostics and management while maintaining network security protocols.  As we get back to work, this application will become a key component to delivering exceptional user experiences.    

Analytics: Just as with any IT road-mapping initiatives, understanding how people use conference room technology is critical to planning for future designs.  Analytics also identify opportunities for improvements related to technology or user training.    

Collaboration Platform Management:  The increase in the number of remote workers using collaboration tools will also require methods to easily and centrally manage licensing, administration and provisioning.     

VisionPoint is ready to help you with any current AV or collaboration technology challenges or needs. Infact, we stress test the latest innovative and intelligent technology to ensure our designs are optimized for functionality, security and the end user. We will also continue to develop our design and support programs to better serve our clients as they get back to work.  

Please contact VisionPoint if we can help you in any way.

Tom McNeff – Director of Sales – VisionPoint

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