UNIFY: A new comprehensive service by VisionPoint LLC

A new innovative and intelligent solution by VisionPoint LLC.

Our engineering/operations team recognized the need for flexibility when it comes to UC platforms. More than ever we are seeing increasing demand from our clients to connect with partners, collogues and clients using Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoToMeeting and Blue Jeans.

The problem is that all of these great solutions can get expensive, buying licenses for each user, integrated rooms that are configured to connect to one platform. As a common challenge for IT professionals and users, it has been frustrating until recently.

VisionPoint LLC developed UNIFY which is a new comprehensive service that enables room-based systems to easily connect with any of the major UC platforms.

Our approach is simple:


VisionPoint will analyze your specific requirements, including which UC platforms you need. We then gather details about your current systems configurations.


When we enter the design process, first we evaluate your current systems and licensing. Next we create a UC diagram specific to your requirements and environment.


VisionPoint will then enable your conference rooms to join any UC platforms. At this point we will implement calendar integration and one-button launch.

You can view our past webinar on UNIFY here

Reach out to us at info@visionpointllc.com for more information.

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