UNIFY Webinar Recap

Incase you missed our webinar, we would like to share with you a quick recap of what happened:

What is UNIFY?

Since remote workers have been using one of the major unified communications platforms such as Zoom, or Teams to stay productive at home VisionPoint realized a problem. Once people start heading into the office, most organizations will find themselves in uncharted territory, trying to figure out how to support multiple platforms in their conference rooms.

In fact, some of our clients are finding that rooms with integrated technology such as Cisco or Poly do not easily connect with all the platforms people have been using remotely.

UNIFY enables rooms with integrated video systems to easily connect with major UC platforms including Zoom, Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting and BlueJeans.

The UNIFY Approach

Conference rooms lack the flexibility of a home office, simply because they cannot connect to multiple platforms.

The return to work will cause a growing demand for enabled conference rooms to connect with multiple meeting platforms. The difficulty is a solution like that requires analysis of infrastructure, endpoints, licensing, calendar solutions, and other elements of the network.

VisionPoint has created a database that permits us to analyze, quote, and provide network requirements to enable multi-platform connections to popular video systems like Cisco and Polycom.

If the room is invited to a meeting, there is one green button to join.

Webinar Highlights

Apart from using Poly, VisionPoint has added features that differentiate our solutions:

The ability to dial other platforms such as WebEx, Teams, Zoom etc.

Use of a QR code for touch-free dialing from devices like an iPad, or an iPhone

Ceiling microphones and speakers

System expansion for additional presentation connections

The ability to manage rooms remotely (includes the ability for IT support staff to log into a system via web browser and email/text notifications which proactively identify issues)

Polling Results

At the beginning of the webinar we issued a poll to see which UC applications our attendees were using at their organizations, and what their pain points were.

Here are the results:


We received a few good questions at the end, luckily we had Lonny and Tom who were knowledgeable with UNIFY and provided some insightful answers.

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