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APExWhen we started VisionPoint, LLC in 2003, we set a goal, hoping to be a premier service provider in the audio visual communications market. Quickly we learned that our design, build and integration experience was needed and was not going to go away.   Customers relied on us for one stop shopping as well as expert answers to their technology problems. To help provide consistency in our deliverable results and customers’ experiences, we built an in-house database of best practices, instituted a process improvement structure and a culture of providing customers with exceptional experiences.

We didn’t realize just how much we’d learn! In 2017, we earned our status as an InfoComm International AV Provider of Excellence, or APEx and took a moment to step back and see how far we’ve come.

As we celebrate our APEx certification, we are realizing just how much we’ve accomplished. We’ve diligently gathered customer feedback, through surveys and other tools, to gradually improve our service and, of course, made absolutely sure our employees were up to date on the latest technology through online, classroom and on premise manufacturer educational opportunities. What’s surprised us most is how much the little things add up. Each step in our process to learn about audio and visual conferencing, each process improvement, has resulted in what we always wanted to create—exceptional customer experiences. In the same way, each certification we earned on our way to the ultimate certification in the audiovisual industry, the well-named APEx certification, has brought us slowly but surely closer to our role as an industry expert. Of the 5000 members in InfoComm International, the professional association for the audiovisual industry, only 62 of the 1000 integration companies received APEx certification. We are excited to be included in this prestigious group of industry professionals

Of course, once the champagne is drunk and we’ve patted ourselves on the back until it hurt, we look forward to the next step. We’re excited to have achieved the highest level of recognition within our industry and intend to keep that status year after year. We also realize just how much technology outside of our own AV domain can and should improve the customer experience. For example, we’re eager to learn more about the advantages of the cloud and how we can leverage tools like it to maximize communication and productivity for our customers while keeping expenses of money and time to a minimum.

This is an exciting time to be part of a world that can communicate in so many new and interesting ways. VisionPoint, LLC may have grown but our work is proving that it is a small world after all.

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