How to use the VisionPoint Technology Matrix

Developed through close collaboration between our technology consultants and engineering team, we focused on the 5 levels of technology integration including BYOD (Bring your own device), dedicated PC, platform-specific appliance, generic appliance, and hybrid which are all represented on the x-axis. The y-axis displays features, controls and characteristics of each level such as UX (user experience), one-button launch, security, cost and support.


Technology Integration Simplified

Take a product agnostic approach and focus on the exact need before looking at products.


Each combination contains a primary description highlighting the (typical scenario and application). Click the [+] button to reveal the pro’s and con’s of each combination (i.e BYOD + Security). Simply click the [-] symbol to go back to the primary description. If you need a brief description of one of the levels of technology integration (x-axis), or the features/controls/characteristics (y-axis) click on the associated box for a better understanding (i.e BYOD – Bring Your Own Device).


We find that aligning the right-fit solution with organizational needs requires an un-biased, expert approach. Prioritizing trade-offs between security, cost, features and control helps target the right combination before considering product and manufacturers. VisionPoint prefers to take a product agnostic approach, the VTM reflects our approach to selecting the right-fit solution.

Various Applications

Whether you are considering an upgrade, considering switching applications, or searching for an interop solution, the VisionPoint Technology Matrix can be applied to expedite the decision making process. When balancing the complex differences between various options, it’s important to consider pros and cons between them.

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