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Bringing a fresh perspective to AV design, VisionPoint now has advanced design capabilities using Modus VR. Imagine, experience, and modify your space in real-time with VR.

The Future of AV is Here

Creating flawless designs for our customers is no easy feat. Designing with VR helps to speed up the process, placing our customers into their space before it's built. Our VR applications can guide you along the way, letting you experience the particular nuances that AV technology can provide in your unique environments.

Modify and Experience in Real-Time

After VisionPoint presents you with a 3D rendering of your space, along with proposed technology, we can virtually walk you through the space. Any modifications can be made in real-time, and swapped out for another piece of technology.

Faster Design Process

Listening to our customers has been our greatest asset. By guiding you through our designs, we can quickly make adjustments, and react to your feedback in real-time. Not only does this strengthen the relationship between our designs and your communication technology needs, but it ensures a faster, smoother design process with increased accuracy.

Smarter Decisions

Experience how a ceiling array microphone might perform in your space. What will the viewing angles look like for a 95″ display compared to an 85″? With Modus VR we can simulate sound waves to show you how sound absorption materials may perform in your space. Instead of explaining why a certain piece of technology is a better fit, we can show you, helping you to create better decisions.

Our Process


After discussing the scope of your project, one of our expert Technology Consultants will determine the need for a 3D rendering of your space to help with the design process. Once we have gathered the specs and details of your space, we can then proceed to create it using Modus VR.


When the design is ready, we can virtually “walk you through” the space during a video conferencing session. During this stage we can make modifications in real-time, explore different perspectives, and even test out different pieces of technology.


Following the presentation, we can share the space with you via a private link where you can interact with the design and even share it with stakeholders and future end users for feedback.

Want to learn more?

VisionPoint will be hosting a Knowledge session on the applications of VR in AV design. In the meantime, contact us today to learn more about our VR design services.

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