Why is BYOD So Popular?

What happens when employees go back to the office, later realizing that their expectations for workplace technology have changed?

This type of situation is already starting to happen, especially after employees have gotten extremely comfortable sharing content and working with their teammates from home. When it comes to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), there are many considerations that your organization needs to make.

User Experience

The main benefit of BYOD is the exceptional user experience. Since employees have become so familiar with working from their own devices at home, why not give them the ability to do the same at the office? Many BYOD solutions use HDMI, USB-C and Wireless connections, which means they are compatible with a standard laptop.

Luckily, there are endless amounts of BYOD solutions for almost any scenario. Some of the best solutions on the market are non-invasive, wireless solutions like the Barco Puck. This unique device allows a user to display content directly from their laptop by just plugging in the puck and pressing a button.

Another way to keep BYOD solutions non-invasive is using retractable HDMI and USB-C cables.  This lets users plug-in, while keeping the conference room neat and tidy! Integrators like VisionPoint can install a simple table cubby with a retractable cable system in any conference room.

The only settings that a user may want to configure is selecting an integrated camera or audio system on their laptop. This is important when a user may want to videoconference using an app like Zoom. They can simply connect, launch the UC application of their choice, and use a room’s system to achieve high quality audio and video right off of their personal device.


Arguably one of the most important considerations before implementing a BYOD system is Security. IT can be challenging to manage, especially when it comes to securing devices that are not owned by the organization. Another issue is the complexity for IT support and keeping the organization’s network secure.

The best way to get around these challenges is by creating a BYOD policy. Luckily, solution providers understand that BYOD can have security risks associated with them.


BYOD can help companies save in a few different ways.

The first is the current cost of company-owned devices. By switching over to a culture around BYOD companies can save a lot of money. This is especially true when you consider the depreciation of technology which is rendered obsolete in the matter of 5 years, or sometimes less.


After considering some of the risks and costs associated with implementing BYOD solutions for your organization, it’s time to evaluate the long-term benefits that your organization can enjoy.

The main benefit BYOD provides is flexibility. Employees can easily transition back and forth between working from home, and in the office. After implementing BYOD solutions for your collaborative spaces, remote teams can enjoy high-quality audio and video conferences, along with interactive presentations.

Why is BYOD is such High Demand Now?

Not only in corporate environments, but also in education, BYOD has been increasingly popular. The top reasons why BYOD has increased in popularity is because individuals are comfortable with their own devices, the ability to connect to integrated AV systems is very simple, and the ability to collaborate in hybrid environments is more efficient than ever.

For organizations, instead of investing a chunk of IT budgets and choosing between a Zoom or Teams room, users can choose their preferred UC platform. This is especially useful when users are less technologically inclined. Giving users the ability to choose provides a much more inclusive environment.

If you want to compare the pros and cons of several different conferencing solutions, you can download and view the VisionPoint Technology Matrix. This interactive tool helps to target organizational technology needs.

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