Employee Satisfaction Starts with a Better Conferencing Experience

When it comes to employee satisfaction, a poor conferencing experience can be detrimental. We’ve heard reports of users struggling to connect to different platforms, difficulty presenting from personal devices and even a sense of embarrassment when getting on calls with prospective clients and business partners. At the end of the day, a bad conferencing experience hinders productivity. VisionPoint can help remedy these issues in three simple steps.

Three Steps to Better Conferencing

A cohesive conferencing experience comes down to selecting the right-fit technology for the job. In three simple steps, VisionPoint can provide you with a game plan for your organization; helping your employees connect to any platform of their choice, present, and collaborate confidently.

Step 1: Evaluate

Analyzing company culture and how the end user interacts with technology will give us important details on the strengths, and weaknesses of your current systems. Collect and gather employee feedback so VisionPoint can better understand your situation.

Step 2: Discover

Review your notes and Identify what is currently working for your employees and what is lacking. Do they have trouble connecting their personal devices? Does it take them more than 5 minutes to setup a video call? Are there technical issues?

Step 3: Connect

Connect with us and we will provide an action plan to convert your conference room into a collaboration powerhouse, capable of connecting to any platform, with any device. Simply click “Connect with VisionPoint” to get started!

Let's Get Started

With over two decades of experience, VisionPoint's team of qualified Engineers, Technology Consultants and Installation Technicians have served countless organizations both large and small. Whether you're in need of conferencing technology for a large boardroom, or a small huddle room, our team will determine the best right-fit technology for your space. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Transform Any Space into a Zoom or Teams Room

Depending on the size of your room, Video Bars can be a perfect fit! Due to their flexibility and simple all-in-one solutions, these solutions have become a staple of conference rooms. Contact VisionPoint about which video bar may be right for your organization, exploring solutions from Poly, Crestron, Neat and more.

Wireless Connectivity

Sharing content from a laptop just got ten times easier using wireless sharing. Quickly connect using a personal device such as a laptop, iPad or tablet and share high quality content. VisionPoint can even setup BYOD capabilities to let users host meetings from their laptop, all while using the integrated technology within the room.

Integrated Technology with the Press of A Button

The most effective conferencing technology is often forgotten. Why? Because it’s designed to fit your organization, becoming second nature for your employees. VisionPoint engineering guarantees simple, intuitive interfaces for only the best conferencing experiences.

Connect with VisionPoint Today!

If your organization is ready for a better conferencing experience, you’ve come to the right place. Contact VisionPoint today, and get your room’s ready in three simple steps.


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